Getting Started with IYP Virtual Airlines

IYP-VA Pilot Compensation

Since It's Your Plane Virtual Airlines (IYP-VA) is a PRIVATELY HELD company, we have neither the requirements nor the intentions of sharing our financial information with the general public.

Just as all of our aircraft maintenance is performed by qualified independent operators, all IYP-VA pilots are also treated as independent contractors. Pilot compensation is NOT based upon IYP-VA per-flight revenues; rather, our top-notch pilots are paid on a simple per-hour, in-cockpit basis. We do NOT pay per diem expenses or require that expense reports be filed, since we do NOT pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Base Compensation Rates:
We pay our pilots a GROSS amount per hour in-flight, based upon the type of aircraft being flown.

Opportunity for Increased compensation:
The per-hour rate is periodically adjusted upwards according to the number of hours racked up in any specific aircraft. Example: Your base compensation per hour in a Boeing 737-800 is $216.00 per hour. Once you have completed 15 hours flying the 737-800, your compensation will rise to $ 238.00 per hour. When you have exceeded 25 hours, your compensation will reach the excellent amount of $262.00 per hour.

Compensation Chart:

Aircraft Hourly Rate Hourly Rate > 15 Hourly Rate > 25

NOTE: Pilots who complete 50 or more IYP-VA flights, automatically receive a copy of Robert Cezar's latest novel entitled La Guitarra as an added bonus!

You can download and review the IYP-VA Independent Contractor Pilot Agreement HERE.

Benefits of this Very Simple Approach:
As a result of this independent contractor approach with our pilots, IYP-VA enjoys substantially reduced overheads, which in turn translates into lower operating costs and far greater savings for our time-sharing clients. In addition, this compensation approach offers significant advantages that inure to our IYP-VA pilots. Here are just a few...

  • No employment insurance premiums (unless voluntarily self-paid)
  • More expenses are tax-deductible - for example, expense of travelling, dining, taxis, etc.
  • More freedom to choose own working hours
  • Can work for more than one airline
  • Typically, income taxes are not payable until April 30th of the following first year end
  • Opportunity for increased compensation

The IYP Fleet

IYP Virtual Airlines currently has a FLEET of Boeing 747-400s, Boeing 737-800s, Cessna C208Bs and DeHavilland DHC-2 amphibian aircraft. We will be adding additional planes in the future.

  • Each plane is equipped with Première Class seating (where applicable).
  • Each plane is equipped with lounge areas (availablility and number depends on aircraft type)
  • Each plane is fully equipped for laptop, telephone, Internet and media connectivity

NOTE: The IYP aircraft are not generally available for download from our website per se. Rather, aircraft get installed on your PC during the first flight with a given aircraft.

IYP Flight Schedules

IYP-VA flies to and from specific destinations at hours that ensure that business travelers arrive at their destinations at either the beginning or end of the working day, depending upon their personal preference.

IYP Flight Routes

IYP-VA routes are planned away from the major centres - traveling between less congested airports, thus saving time and money and easing motor access. Links with express train services is a major consideration in the choice of alternate airports.

For example, a regular commercial flight between Los Angeles, USA and the Vancouver, Canada area, would usually be from LAX to CYVR.   By contrast, IYP-VA flies from the less congested Ontario International airport (KONT), to the less congested airport of Abbotsford, British Columbia (CYXX), which currently serves as the backup hub for the Greater Vancouver area.

Installation - No Fuss... No Muss!

With all other virtual airlines, participants are required to install a number of ancillary software applications in order to communicate with their corporate headquarters, log flights and file PIREP (pilot reports).

As you know, IYP has always included built-in ACARS, SelCall, TeamSpeak and Support Forum capabilities. Therefore, you are not required to install third-party add-on software applications in order to fly for IYP-VA.

The IYP software even automatically installs the IYP-VA aircraft and flight plans for you from right inside your IYP application! The operation is completely seamless!

So, as a REGISTERED IYP USER, everything you need to start flying for IYP-VA is already built-in to the IYP application. Put in other terms...

    "Captain, It's Your Plane... We're ready to go!"

Now... let's get you familiar with the Rules and Regs

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