It's Your Plane Virtual Airlines Overview It's Your Plane Virtual Air

You Already Have Everything You Need
With all other virtual airlines, participants are required to install a number of ancillary software applications in order to communicate, log flights and file PIREP (pilot reports). However, as you likely know, IYP has always had built-in ACARS, SelCall, TeamSpeak and Support Forum capabilities. Therefore, you are not required to install third-party add-on software applications in order to fly for IYP-VA. In fact, the IYP software even automatically installs the IYP-VA aircraft and flight plans for you!

So, as a REGISTERED IYP user, if you are using FSX, everything you need to start flying for IYP-VA is already built-in to the IYP application. Put in other terms...

    "Captain, It's Your Plane... We're ready to go!"

A Completely Different Approach to Business Air Travel

We at Pacific Feelings Media have taken a completely different approach in the formation of our It's Your Plane Virtual Airlines (IYP-VA) system. IYP-VA is based upon a "real-world" business model envisioned and created by Robert Cezar way back in 1982.

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Corporations send their employees around the world on commercial airlines with all the attendant hassles that today's air travel entails. IYP-VA eliminates all of these aggrevations and gets our business traveling patrons to their destination in an efficient manner, providing Première Class Service all the way.

The IYP Première Class Service Offering

Imagine you are a major corporation – Palm Tree Trust Inc. Your people fly to major business centres every week at an enormous cost in time, money and human energy. Take for example, a flight from Southern California to Western Canada. It's Your Plane VA is flying a 737-800 aircraft. Now, instead of cramming 189 passengers into uncomfortable quarters, IYP offers its Première Class, 36-seat configuration, with luxuriously upholstered seats.

Every aircraft is equipped with an individual in-flight entertainment system with noise-cancelling headphones. Food is of the highest-quality that customers have come to expect from IYP's première self-serve buffets, and other high-end amenities.

How Can the IYP Première Class be Financially Viable?

    IYP-VA Pre-Leases ALL of its Seats!

For example, a proposed route is intensely researched, defined and announced. Then, IYP opens blocks of seats for leasing for periods of 1 – 3 years to corporations of all sizes... just like a vacation time-share, or box-seats at a ball game!

Each leasing corporation uses ITS BLOCK OF SEATS for its own traveling employees. They can also offer individual seats as "gift flights" to their clients, "sell" or "exchange" seats with other IYP leasers and/or corporations, etc.

Since EVERY SEAT IS PRE-SOLD ON EVERY FLIGHT, it is impossible for IYP to be over-booked or under-sold. Thus, the COSTS OF EVERY FLIGHT ARE KNOWN before any IYP-VA aircraft ever leaves the gate... even if nobody shows up!

There's NO IYP-VA Reservation System

IYP does NOT participate in any way in the booking of flights... there is NO reservation number to call. This alone saves the IYP operations millions of dollars in annual overheads.

Major Corporation Benefits

The seat pocket of each Corporation's leased-seats contains a copy of the Company's promotional material, latest perspective, business opportunities, etc., which can be used to enhance their corporation's image to any travellers who might be occupying those seats.

Seat Leasing Programme

Here's an example of how the seats are leased on a 1-3 year basis:

  • Palm Tree Trust Inc. leases 6 seats,
  • Borrowers Bank leases 4 seats,
  • Apex Racing Cars, Ltd. leases 8 seats,
  • Dewey, Cheatham and Howe, leases 3 seats,
  • International Imports, leases 6 seats,
etc., etc. ALL seats have been pre-leased BEFORE the first flight ever leaves the ground. Once all seats have been pre-leased, regularly scheduled flights begin.

IYP-VA Provides Low-Cost Freight Forwarding

Since IYP-VA carries a much lighter passenger payload (e.g. only 36 passengers on a Boeing 738), operations utilises the remaining payload capabilities to provide extremely competitive and cost-effective freight forwarding facilites. this represents significant revenues for IYP-VA!

So with that understanding, let's get going! Click HERE.