The History Behind It's Your Plane Virtual Airlines


In 1982, Robert Cezar opened negotiations with a couple of North American airline carriers, with the intent to form...

    Première Air
that would constitute...

    An Entirely New Approach to Business-Class Air Travel

Strategic Plan:
Mr. Cezar's idea was to gain controlling interest in a couple of existing airlines that were in serious financial trouble, infuse the necessary operating capital to restore the companies to sound fiscal position, then switch their entire operating paradigm to that of an...

    Exclusive, Première Class, Timeshare Offering

Targeted Companies:
One of the targeted carriers was a struggling mid-sized Canadian firm on the brink of bankruptcy; the other was a major U.S. carrier that had already sought protection from its creditors under Chapter XI of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and was desperately in need of a viable Plan of Reorganization.

The Boards of Directors of both of these companies recognized the merits of Mr. Cezar's concept, and pursuant to lengthy negotiations, pro forma strategic and tactical plans were formulated and arrangements were nearing conclusion.

Disaster Hit!
Regrettably, these promising plans evaporated in the blink of an eye, when Mr Cezar was involved as a passenger in a dramatic car accident in Italy that almost took his life. He spent over six months recovering from his injuries. Suffice it to say, the entire project was abandoned and sadly, Première Air never saw the light of day.

The Notion Remained... Until Today!
Notwithstanding this major setback, the idea of this unique approach to airline operations continued to sit in the back of Mr. Cezar's mind... waiting for just the right moment to re-introduce his concept to the business world.

This moment has arrived and the airline "timeshare" concept is now being developed in the virtual world as...

    It's Your Plane Virtual Airlines
Why in the Virtual World?
Frankly, Mr. Cezar is now basically retired from the business world, however, he passionately dabbles in two hobbies:
  1. Flight Simulation
  2. Mathematics
Therefore, his original 1982 concept of Première Air has now manifested itself as...
    It's Your Plane Virtual Airlines

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