IYP Virtual Airlines Rules and Regs!

IYP-VA Flight Operations

Do ALL Checklists
You are required to execute ALL of the checklists from gate-to-gate. Passenger safety is our number one priority. Failure to conduct checklist operations will result in you getting docked. And, we might even conduct a little one-on-one meeting in a dark room to discuss your future with IYP-VA. By the way, if you look at the IYP-VA ACARS PIREP, you'll see that the checklists that are conducted are listed therein. So... you can't cheat!

ACARS Starts and Ends Automatically
The ACARS system start automatically as part of the Before Startup checklist. The ACARS logging automatically ends and uploads the data to the IYP servers when you reach the destination gate/ramp, the Parking Brakes are applied, and either the Parking or Shutdown checklist sequence terminates.

Allow Yourself Enough Time
Please be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete the entire flight while sitting in the Captain's seat. We are replicating "real-world" operations, and as such, you can't simply get off the plane and go watch TV in the other room!

Failure to Execute Cruise Checklists
Michelle will be calling for you to run through the Cruise Checklist about every 25 minutes, or so. Failure to do the checklists will be interpretted as you being in the other room watching TV! Don't expect to get paid for this flight Charlie!

Pause on Start of Descent
The use of the "Pause on Start of Descent" feature cannot be used in the IYP-VA mode... it's DISABLED. Why? Because (as discussed above), you're sitting right there in the Captain's seat throughout the entire flight... right? Ergo, you don't need it.

Pausing the Simulator
I know we all need to answer "Nature's Calls". However, that's why you've got Michelle to help you. You cannot PAUSE the simulator for more than 5 minutes at any time. The IYP system will simply UN-PAUSE the simulator after 5-minutes. The way we figure it, that ought'a give you enough time to deal with the emergency and get back into the Captain's seat.

Forcing the IYP application into the PAUSE mode for an extended period of time, will CANCEL the IYP-VA session.

Speeding Up the Simulator
Nope! Sorry... you can only fly IYP-VA flights at real-time.

Flight Availability
After you become a pilot for IYP-VA, you'll notice that there's a NEW button on the IYP Control Panel called... IYP Virtual Air.


    (Please refer to the section entitled: "How to Properly Load a Flight Plan and a Flight" in the
    Flight Deck Doc for details.)

Clicking on the IYP VIrtual Air button in the IYP application will bring up a panel that will display a list of AVAILABLE flights.

Note for Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) pilots: You can say the following phrases:

"Open the V A panel" to start the sequence, and
"Close the V A panel" once you have selected and downloaded an AVAILABLE flight.

For our sighted users, the list of flights will look something like this:

You'll select your desired flight by clicking on the associated AVAILABLE link.

Available Flights
The system switches a flight's status from SCHEDULED to AVAILABLE one hour before departure time. Once you click the AVAILABLE link, the flight gets loaded on your computer and the flight is displayed in the FREE flights area of FSX. Other IYP users will no longer be able to see the flight listed... it's YOURS! After you select and load the flight, the simulator time automatically gets set to ZULU (GMT) time. Once the flight has been completed, the IYP application automatically removes the flight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because it requires a minimum of 15 minutes to prepare a jetliner and load the passengers onboard, and 10 minutes for smaller commuter airplanes, only flights with sufficient time to perform these functions are listed in the IYP VA panel. In other words, if the time to departure (TTD) on the IYP-VA website displays less than 15 minutes for a jetliner, or less than 10 minutes for a commuter aircraft, the flight will NOT be listed in the actual IYP application.

Departure Time
Even though you may have grabbed a flight well in advance of the scheduled departure time, it's not a good idea to leave before that time. Leaving passengers stranded back at the gate, is not considered a good idea! In other words... depart on time or suffer the consequences!

Similarly, leaving too late invokes penaties as well.

Loading the IYP-VA Flight
All IYP-VA flights are prefaced with the underscore charater ( _ ). This results in the IYP-VA flights sorting to the top on the MY SAVED FLIGHTS area in FSX. So, if you selected IYP-VA flight # 234, it will appear in your MY SAVED FLIGHTS area as:


This is explained in far more detail in the IYP application after you select a flight.

After Loading the IYP-VA Flight
It is also important to note, that after you load an IYP-VA flight, the IYP application automaticaally DELETES the flight.

Real Weather
The IYP system will automatically select "real-weather" for your flight.

Unpiloted Flights
Flights that are not flown by IYP users just MAGICALLY show up at the destination airport displaying the SCHEDULED time for the next flight for that particular piece of hardware (Tail Number)!

So, now that you completely understand the Rules, let's get Going!

Click HERE to Login to the IYP Dashboard, then click on the link entitled IYP-VA at the top of the page to start a career flying for...

    It's Your Plane Virtual Airlines

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