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Skype Me™!
Bonus Reward for Completing 50 (or more) IYP-VA Flights!

IYP-VA pilots who successfully complete 50 IYP-VA flights will receive via e-mail a PDF version of Robert Cezar’s musical novel, La Guitarra. Not only does Robert create terrific software, he also writes and composes!

La Guitarra intrigues its readers for two reasons:

It represents the first novel to include a fully integrated 70-minute soundtrack (12 songs and a complete orchestral symphony) that are tightly interwoven into the storyline.

Secondly, the story is actually narrated by a classical guitar La Guitarra. Throughout this highly emotional autobiography, La Guitarra recounts her own intimate story of love, hatred, passion, pain, torment, and resolve. The novel closes with a symphonic requiem.

Clcik HERE to see when you will receive a copy of La Guitarra!

©2007-2011 It's Your Planesm - Robert Cezar and Pacific Feelings Media.
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